I’ve been searching the extension page of joomla.org for the best video player for Joomla with playlist support.

So I came across Simple Flash Video Player Module, which seemed to have all the features I needed. It had support for playlists and would play .flv and even .mp4.

As it turnes out, it is a little buggy. There is an option for setting the dimension of the playlist, but it is not working. And there is no option for adding a custom skin.

But digging into matter, I found out that the module is based on jwPlayer. The only disadvantage of using this is, that you have to embed the swfobject yourself – pretty basic stuff. But then you gain access to much more options as well as custom skins.

The playlist is determined by a simple XML document, which you can upload together with the videos.

On jwPlayer website, you find instructions on how to make custom skins, as well as a Flash template. It is actually a very structured document and after a while I was able to make the skin look like I wanted.

You can also choose to download from a library of ready-made skins.

Posted Thursday, March 12th, 2009 at 4:54 pm
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