The last two days Flash (CS3) has been driving me crazy. One of my FLA files keeps getting corrupted. I save and when I try to reopen, I get the message “Failed to open Document“, and there is nothing I can do. I’ve been losing hours of work. But I found a solution – sort of…

Failed to open document

Let me start by saying: once your document is corrupted, there is no way of getting it back. Not to my knowledge anyway. This fact is totally unacceptable and we’re all pretty pissed at Adobe/Macromedia since this has been going on since at least Flash MX. I really hope that this has been fixed in CS4.

For me it all started when I made a shared library containing some symbols I was using across a couple of Flash documents. After losing my work a couple of times I started making copies constantly and this way I could at least get my work done even though it took three times the normal time.

Then today I found out when the corruption occurs. If I open the document and make some changes and save, no problems will occur. But if I open the document, make changes and test the movie before I save, it gets corrupted. Go figure.

I know this is not a solution, but at least I can work at normal speed – almost. And always keep copies of your Flash documents – learned the hard way.

As a last footnote – thanks a million, Apple’s Time Machine. Without it I would truely have been f***ed.

I went ahead and downloaded and installed a trial of Adobe Flash CS4. I was very disappointed when I realized that this issue has NOT been fixed.

Posted Friday, February 27th, 2009 at 6:55 pm
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Responses to ““Failed to open Document” in Flash. A workaround – not a fix.”


Thank you for sharing your experience! I’m sorry you lost so much work to it. I’m contending with the same error in some files I inherited from another designer, and your post is mighty useful — at least for the future.


Thanks for leaving a comment, Tory. Hope you didn’t lose to much work there.


This is happening to me to. Flash has never been a great program, unfortunately. :( I still keep using it, though, becaus it’s unique. Anyways, thanks for your advice. Time Machine rocks.


Thanks for you comment, Tommy. I found myself using Flash less frequently these days. It’s just too strange. But I must agree, for some purposes it’s the only viable solution.


Almost 3 years along the line and Adobe still has not addressed this problem. I just became a victim. Thanks for sharing this. Will definitely keep this in mind when working in flash.


Same thing happened to me today, im sooooo pissed, lost many hours of work, but what can you do? This was in flash CS5 btw. Except my file got corrupted when i overwrited an existing file from the same file and name… So heads up never overwrite your files


Thanks for sharing, Jesse… and I’m sorry to hear that you lost a lot of work. I haven’t worked with Flash for a long time now – I’m going the Javascript road instead.

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