I have a vision – a Joomla-driven web site with lots of Flash content and updated dynamically using Ajax.

The Vision

Content for the website is regular HTML containing images. This is managed in the Joomla backend. The frontend contains Flash elements. These can be menues, modules and content, and they will pull data from the database through Joomla using XML – only updating pieces of the DOM tree as needed using Ajax.


  • To be able to get nice Flash effects in the menues, reloading the page must be avoided. That’s where Ajax comes into play. The Ajax scripts need to be called from ActionScript.
  • Content can be both HTML mixed with images or Flash. A mechanism for deciding which is used needs to be in place.
  • The Flash content is driven by XML. A Joomla component to export the needed XML needs to be written.
  • Regular links in the HTML will force the page to reload. A Plugin for Joomla that offers Ajax links needs to be written.
  • Pieces of the content may become inactive due to layer overlap. A mechanism to shift the z-index as needed needs to be written.

Progress so far

So far an early alpha version of the component for extracting XML for menues has been developed. Ajax scripts for updating portions of the website also have been developed, and it is working.

Posted Sunday, February 15th, 2009 at 2:21 pm
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